The Great British Menu on a budget

If you love home-cooking that the whole family can enjoy, try this fab and filling British menu…

The Great British Menu on a budget

The great thing about traditional British food, is that the whole family can eat it – so, even though the meals make take a wee bit longer to make, there’s no extra cooking to do for the kids.Yay! Plus, these meals are so filling, you’ll save a stack of cash on snacks to boot.

You can find this fab and filling menu right here…

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How to save more money whilst feeding your family on a budget…

      • Weekly 7-day menus for your family that amount to no more than £50 per week.
      • All about food – Where it comes from, what they put into it, how it gets from farm to fork, and why it should be organic, fair trade, local and seasonal.
      • Eating healthily – My discoveries on what foods are best for us and what portions they should be served in, how best to cook and store foods, myth-busting on foods the media have convinced us are ‘healthy’, and any other health concerns when it comes to cooking and eating healthily.
      • Simple recipestogether with a ‘cost per meal’, and cost of cooking.
      • Making life easierproblem solving when it comes to fitting healthy food and extra cooking into a busy lifestyle.
      • Honest reviewsbook reviews, course reviews (from great courses I’ve attended like Love Food Hate Waste, CAPmoney and the Open University) and reviewing time-saving labour-saving gadgets that I’ve invested in from the money I’m saving on not buying processed foods.
      • Shopping tips  tactics that help me beat the supermarkets at their own game so I can keep my hard-earned cash in my pocket, not theirs!
      • Ebooks  whenever I have enough information on a particular subject, I’ll package it up into an ebook – great for you as you’ll have everything in one place at a super-cheap price of just £2, and great for me as it’ll help me to afford the hosting costs for this blog.

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