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Here are my latest downloadable ebooks which are updated regularly as I discover more and more about eating real food on a tight budget – so please pop back from time-to-time to be sure you have the very latest copy.

Just to be clear, however – I’m not in the business of profiteering from those of us who are finding it difficult to make ends meet, so whilst I’m charging £2 for my ebooks to help with the hosting costs of my blog, I can email you a copy for free to help you and your family. You can find out how to contact me here.

‘Real food’ 7-day menu for just £50 a week

  • Lady Choppington's guide to enjoying real food on a real budget

    Real food 7-day menu for just £50 a week

    It is wholly possible to feed a family of 4 on £50 per week, and this ebook takes things a step further by showing you how I manage my weekly menus so that I'm serving-up the best possible, healthy food on a tight budget. This book contains umpteen tips to help you, together with a fully costed shopping list, and of course - a 7-day 'real food' menu for just £50 per week.

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How to get by and eat well on a tight budget Jo Lewis (aka Lady Choppington)

  • Lady Choppington's guide to frugal food shopping.

    How to get by and eat well on a tight budget

    It's not easy to feed the family healthy food when you're living on a tight budget - I should know,  I do this every day. This ebook will show you how I stick to my £50 per week shopping budget (that's for food and non-food!), how you can do so too, and how - when you've tried it - you won't want it any other way!

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