Lady Choppington’s Cheap & Healthy menus

If, like me, you want to ditch processed foods and feed the family ‘real’ food on a tight budget – then check out these cheap and healthy menus…

A quick note before you choose this week’s menu:

Simply because everyone’s situation is different, my menus have to assume that:

  • Your family consists of 2 adults and 2 young children
  • One adult is out all day whilst the other is mostly at home
  • You have a fridge
  • You have a freezer
  • You have some type of blender
  • You have a slow cooker (or you can get hold of one)
  • You have either a large thermos flask or a yogurt maker
  • You have basic baking skills (or you feel confident enough to try!)
  • You’re not afraid of a teeny bit of extra work and organisation to serve your family a week of REAL food!

It’ll be important to find the very best places to shop so you can get your food as cheap as possible without compromising by using processed foods. Personally, I shop at Lidl for most items, Waitrose for items I can’t find in Lidl (yep – even posh supermarkets can hide really cheap stuff!), the local farm-shop/butchery for meat and eggs, and Oxfam for less regular staples like cleaning products and fair trade coffee. If you want to get the best food for the best price, you will have to be prepared to shop around, and this shopping journey is best planned for visiting one shop after another on the same trip. After all, you’d be defeating the object if you used up valuable fuel (and time!) doing several small shops in different places. The supermarkets, of course, would like us to do a one-stop-shop solely with them – but convenience like this is what will cost you when you’re shopping on a tight budget, I’m afraid.

Now, I won’t lie to you – these menus cannot be achieved on a budget if you need to buy every single ingredient today. It takes a couple of weeks to build-up a ‘stock’ of basics, so if you’re a bit financially challenged at the moment, start your real food journey with a first step and choose one day from the menu this week, 2 days the next, and so on – and before you know it, you and your family will the eating the best food possible on a budget. You won’t want it any other way!

And a final note… Although I’d love to be one, I’m not a qualified nutritionist – so please don’t assume that this menu is nutritionally correct. It’s based on what I’ve learned so far in my mission to feed my kids the best foods possible on a tight budget. But enough of my waffling on – let’s get stuck in…

Lady Choppingtons Cheap & Healthy Menus:

Which yoghurt is best?7-day family menu for just £50 per week

That’s right – 7 days of healthy eating for exactly £50 for a family of 4. Give it a try…

7-day family menu for just £50 per week

Lady Choppington’s Sunday Roast Menu for four: £49.54pw

A Sunday roast is well worth the investment for the meals it’ll make for you in this 7-day menu…

The Great British Menu on a budget

Great British menu on a budget (for four): £50.81pw

If you love home-cooking that the whole family can enjoy, try this fab and filling British menu…

Budget busting vegetarian menu

Budget-busting vegetarian menu for four: £45.78pw

A sure-fire way of saving cash on food is by going veggie – even if it’s just for a week.


Want more menus? I’m on with it. Each week, as I experiment with my family – erm, I mean ‘treat’ my family to different budget menus – if they’re successful, I’ll add them to this list. So, do keep popping back for the very latest additions.

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How to save more money whilst feeding your family on a budget…

  • Weekly 7-day menus for your family that amount to no more than £50 per week.
  • All about food – Where it comes from, what they put into it, how it gets from farm to fork, and why it should be organic, fair trade, local and seasonal.
  • Eating healthily – My discoveries on what foods are best for us and what portions they should be served in, how best to cook and store foods, myth-busting on foods the media have convinced us are ‘healthy’, and any other health concerns when it comes to cooking and eating healthily.
  • Simple recipestogether with a ‘cost per meal’, and cost of cooking.
  • Making life easierproblem solving when it comes to fitting healthy food and extra cooking into a busy lifestyle.
  • Honest reviewsbook reviews, course reviews (from great courses I’ve attended like Love Food Hate Waste, CAPmoney and the Open University) and reviewing time-saving labour-saving gadgets that I’ve invested in from the money I’m saving on not buying processed foods.
  • Shopping tips  tactics that help me beat the supermarkets at their own game so I can keep my hard-earned cash in my pocket, not theirs!
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